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On this site you will find some articles on various New World Order related subjects, as well as some resources. I hope in due time to expand this website radically into a rich resource of info on that subject as well as esoteric subjects. But in the mean time we'll have to do with just a few posts. The links posted on this site are amazing (like the articles), so be sure to check them out! Enjoy your browsing!

By the way, the picture at the top of this page is from a cave drawing found in Tassili dated to approx. 6000 BC. Either these beings are carrying helmets like current day space astronauts, or their head consists of some sort of gigantic eye..... In both cases pretty intriguing, no...? Also notice the disk shaped object in the right top corner...


Articles in English:


Zionism 101 and the Palestine conflict.
An extensive article on a subject that doesn't stop being in the news. How does the NWO fit into the story? After reading this you will be an expert on the subject!

The Psychiatry Hoax of the Century.
About how billions of people are being conned by some of the most prominent quacks of this world!

Billions for the Bankers - Debts for the People.
If you ever plan on getting a bank loan, then you'd better read this first! This is the real story of the money-control over America and the rest of the world.


Metatron's cube.
The correct version of this sacred geometry figure.

Articles in French/Dutch:


Le traité constitutionnel Européen: un piège...
Des analyses approfondis du traité constitutionnel Européen proposé n'abondent pas. Voici une occasion de rattrapage. Voici ce que la plupart des politiciens et medias ne vous disent pas!!

La constitution Européenne, en brèf...
Version courte de l'article précédant, pour les feignants! ;)

Het Verdrag tot vaststelling van een Grondwet voor Europa: een valstrik...
Grondige analyses over het voorgestelde "Verdrag tot vaststelling van een Grondwet voor Europa" zijn schaars. Haal nu de schade in, en lees over wat de meeste politici en media niet vertellen!!

De Europese Grondwet, in het kort...
De korte versie van het voorgaande artikel, voor mensen die niet van lange stukken houden! ;)

The articles above which are about the proposed EU constitution (which was recently voted against by France) have not yet been translated into English. While this will eventually be done, in the mean time I recommend reading the following 2 articles (off-site):
Holland votes NO to European Superstate and wars
Why The Left Should Oppose the EU Constitution.


Information about UFOs, Aliens, Illuminati, ESP / PSI, God, religion, the extraordinary, alternative science and technology, sound and music science, divination, tarot, sacred geometry, Merkaba teachings, health, alternative healing methods, freedom technology and much, much more.

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