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* General health and alternative healing methods
* Ozone / oxygen therapy
* Nutrition, food supplements, a.s.o.
* The psycho files

General health and alternative healing methods
  • Dr. Doug Morisson. Overall health and diet advice from the Body Electronics expert Dr. Doug Morisson, who studied with the inventor of Body Electronics, Dr. John Ray Whitman, for many years.
  • Tribute to Dr. John Whitman Ray. Tribute to Dr. John Whitman Ray, inventor of the healing method called "Body Electronics".
  • How to get rid of cancer. Free online book of the suppressed cancer cure developed by Dr. W.D. Kelley.
  • Dr. Lorraine Day. Also found a cure against cancer and many other diseases and ailments, with a natural method. Video + info (also on AIDS, a.s.o.).
  • Phage therapy. How come "phage therapy" is virtually unknown out of Georgia? Well, the answer is simple: for the same reason that the other therapies named above are unknown, i.e. because they work! "Phage therapy" is effective and remains effective against viruses where antibiotics won't, and it's not destructive to the body. Check a Google search for this therapy.
  • New treatments A Dutch/English site on alternative health. Articles about how modern lifestyle destroys health and alternative ways to heal.
  • Emotional Freedom Technology (EFT) Become emotionally free! Learn how with a few simple and very easy techniques you can get rid of emotional blockades like traumas, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, phobias, depression, or how you can improve your sport performances or other type of performances involving emotions. All is explained in a free ebook you can download (Acrobat format, see link above), while for advanced instruction it's also possible to order some video tapes.
  • How the working of our ears and voices influence us. Tomatis home page, site on the science of Dr. A.A. Tomatis who found how the working of our ears and voices influence us in many fields. Articles & links, etc... (Also in spanish).
  • Longevity Library Some great works on health, online.
  • Articles on alternative ways to health Light Network website, articles & links.
  • Pharma criminals. How the Pharma-Cartel made up of Hoechst, Bayer and BASF who were also financiers of Auschwitz are lobying for a total banning of information about natural therapies, particularly health information about vitamins (just like the FDA does).
  • Health industry manipulation. An example of health industry manipulation. A testimony of the inside workings.

    Ozone / oxygen therapy
  • Oxygen therapy. Ozone/Oxygen therapy website. Resources, links, clinics, etc...

  • Serum against AIDS. This is about a serum made from goat milk that has been proven to be very effective against AIDS that has been suppressed by the FDA since about 10 years!
  • Google search 1 on Dr. Davis - Google search 2 on Dr. Davis. Google searches for info on Dr. Gary R. Davis and his Goat Serum (sites with info on this come and go, so be sure to save whatever you can find).
  • HIV and AIDS: related? Interview with Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D. Discussed is why HIV can not be the cause of AIDS.
  • Peter H. Duesberg. Site of Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D. who abolished the myth that AIDS is caused by HIV.
  • True origins of AIDS. Article by Prof. Donald Scott on true origins of AIDS.
  • AIDS flowchart. Boyd Graves on discovery of flow chart that proves AIDS was invented by USA.
  • AIDS and the Polio vaccine. Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS: some key writings.
  • AIDS and the Polio vaccine. The Polio vaccine and the origin of AIDS. The book and more.
  • Rethinking AIDS. Essential for anyone looking for the latest info about AIDS.

    Nutrition, food supplements, a.s.o.
  • How to achieve super health Article by Frederick Mann on health and raw food diet.
  • Fluoride & the Manhattan project. About how fluoride is used for nuclear bombs and why the army blocked denouncing its toxicity.
  • Why fluoride is bad for your health! The battle between light & dark.
  • Colloidal Silver. All on Colloidal Silver.
  • Colloidal Silver generators. For making your own.
  • Dr. Lorenzen's clustered water. With great explanation of what's clustered water.
  • Super-Ionized Water. Here you can find information as well as buy the amazing super-ionised water.
  • Super-Ionized Water. Site where you can get the water from the Turkish firm that produces super-ionised water.
  • Rawtimes. Raw food recipes.
  • Living-foods. Raw food recipes.

    The psycho files
  • Mind control files. 3rd Dimension - Many great information on mind control. Most of that information touches the subject of psychiatric practice in general, as discussed in the links below.
  • Emotional Freedom Technology (EFT) Become emotionally free! Learn how with a few simple and very easy techniques you can get rid of emotional blockades like traumas, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, phobias, depression, or how you can improve your sport performances or other type of performances involving emotions. All is explained in a free ebook you can download (Acrobat format, see link above), while for advanced instruction it's also possible to order some video tapes.
  • The ADHD hoax. Interview with Fred A. Baughman who clearly explains why ADHD/ADD and many other alleged mental "diseases" don't exist. His own site can be found here.
  • Depression is a choice. Great site analysing the myths of depression and presenting a clear method to get rid of it.
  • Lies My Psychology Professors Taught Me. By David McGowan who holds a University degree in psychology and explains the lie he was taught, besides giving some amazing accounts on some of psychology's and psychiatry's greatest "heroes".
  • A great site with much thorough information on the crimes of psychiatry.
  • Psychiatric fascism. On the fear, force and fraud techniques used in psychiatry.
  • Two miracles about Sigmund Freud. A paper by Max Scharnberg on how the work of Freud is based on inconsistencies and many errors, while his psychotherapy technique has never been proven to have cured anyone... (Be sure to let the file load in its entirety before scrolling through or there may be a bug). You'll have to use Adobe's Acrobat Reader to read it.
  • What if Psychotherapies Had to Meet FDA Standards for Effectiveness, Safety, Appropriateness? Article about the negative effects of psychotherapy. I can't say I'm impressed by the FDA's standards, seeing that it has legalized Prozac, and f.i. several non-working anti-AIDS drugs, while outlawing oxygen/ozone therapies, but the article is great.
  • Tavistock - The best kept secret in America. Article on the highly secretive institute that plays a crucial role in the psychological state of the world. If the link doesn't work you can find it here or here.
  • Prozac - The Truth Short article on some shocking facts about Prozac.
  • All about Prozac and related "anti-depressants".
  • Manipulation by the Medical Mafia Excerpt of David Icke's book "Children of the Matrix", about Prozac, Ritalin, Aspartame, and more...
  • Getting rid of alleged schizophrenia without drugs. Site on the alleged mental disorder schizophrenia and how problems related to this diagnose can be overcome without drugs. Some articles and testimonials, many great links.
  • How antipsychotic drugs really work. A simple but accurate explanation of how antipsychotic drugs (don't) work...
  • Mind drugs may hinder recovery. How it is found and confirmed by the WHO that people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia (schizoaffective disorder) who don't take drugs are likely to overcome whatever the problem was they were suffering from, while people on drugs generally don't...
  • Schizophrenia & Shamanism Amongst indigenous cultures the apprentice shaman, whilst learning his/her art, will suffer in a way that seems identical to someone suffering from alleged schizophrenia and/or manic depression (bipolar "disorder"). This site suggests that perhaps the methods that these shamans use to control their new consciousness can work for people in the western world that suffer from the conditions associated to these diagnoses.
  • Why electro shock therapy is unlawful. By Sarah Panton, who was herself given ECT (electroconvulsive therapy, i.e. electro-shocks) as a patient, and who explains why she believes the treatment should no longer be used. In the USA alone, electro shock therapy is good for bringing in $3,000,000,000 a year...
  • CCHR Site of an organization against psychiatric abuse with many concise articles on the subject.
    Note: this site as well as the pages found at the next three links are hosted by an organization founded by the church of Scientology, who itself practices mind-manipulation on a vast scale (read the uncensored info on that organization and its founder, here). Nevertheless, consider it a recommendation, seeing that this makes them somewhat experts on the subject!
  • Therapy or torture? How the same electro shock devices still used today for mental patients are actually used for torture of prisoners, all over the world.
  • Canada’s Psychiatrists of Terror. On the criminal psychiatric practices of Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron (ex-president of both the American Psychiatric Association and World Psychiatric Association) and other psychiatrists.
  • How Psychiatry Used Quebec’s Orphans as Guinea Pigs. On some of the most insidious chapters of Canada's psychiatric history.

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