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Here you will find some links that could help you being in control of your own life.

* General
* The extraordinary power of the mind

  • The science of getting rich. This little known book by Wallace D. Wattles contains the actual secret of getting rich. It's free. You'll have to use Adobe's Acrobat Reader to read it.
  • Emotional Freedom Technology (EFT) Become emotionally free! Learn how with a few simple and very easy techniques you can get rid of emotional blockades like traumas, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, phobias, depression, or how you can improve your sport performances or other type of performances involving emotions. All is explained in a free ebook you can download (Acrobat format, see link above), while for advanced instruction it's also possible to order some video tapes.
  • Learning strategies. Some great books and tapes on ways to free yourself.
  • Build freedom website. Freedom technology site, articles & links.
  • The millionaire's secret. Some great articles on becoming (and being) wealthy.
  • ZON website. Neo-tech freedom technology site, articles & links.

    The extraordinary power of the mind
  • Biomindsuperpowers Find the free online book "Remote Viewing The Real Story" by Ingo Swann, on remote viewing and other information on the amazing power of the mind.
  • Free Psi course. Learn how to be psychic.
  • Super learning An easy way to greatly enhance your learning capacities and learn 2 to 5 times faster.
  • Phoenix Undead Amazing online book by John A. Quinn/NewsHawk Inc. about Montauk, time-travel, the amazing power of the mind, and much more. If the link doesn't work, try it here or here.
  • Zoe7 Trancending the mind through psychoactive drugs and psycho-techno devices, leading to some remarkable insights on Universal truths.
    Find an excerpt of the book "Into the void" here.
  • Ibogaine Site on the psychoactive drug of that name with much info and testimonials of transcending experiences.

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